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How to take care of your new solid wood furniture

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Here you will find some short recommendations, on how to take care of your natural wood furniture for them to last a lifetime.

Whether you already have or just planning on purchasing natural wood piece of furniture, it will be good to know about some special, but basic care recommendations in order to have the best looking furniture for a really long time.

It is good to know, that wood is a live material and is behaving depending on the surrounding conditions.

If wood is wet it expands, and if it is being dried it shrinks.

So having this in mind, I do recommend to just wipe it with damp cloth, if needed.

- Wipe your furniture surfaces with only damp cloth, if needed.
- Do not use any hard chemicals or abrasive sponges to remove stains.
- Take care of the surface for it to not get wet for a long time (e.g. not placing a wet bottomed mug or a vase, check for it to be dry)

All of the furnitures that I create is made to be truly lasting - the wood itself is a very durable material. The wooden furniture is not going to break easily, but in has to be taken care of.

Please, do not place any extra heavy contents on top of them, have kids climbing up or sitting - also, bear in mind, that if you are living in a household with children, it is best to attach big furnitures to the walls (I can provide special strings) to avoid for them falling down when it was not used carefully (e.g. all drawers are full and open, as then it will just loose the center of balance and might fall over).

Remember, if you take care of something, it might just last a lifetime.

Natural wood furniture has its own charm, it is made to be living with you for a really long time, observing all the memories and then being passed away for generations to come.

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